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Precision Ginning

When ginning technology began to explode 15 years ago, the popular question by our farmers was “isn’t a gin a gin?”  Today, we incorporate new machines and monitoring systems to treat cotton that comes into our system in a way to enhance bale value by preserving a higher fiber length and strength and reducing the amount of seedcotton required to make a bale.  The new technology has multiple components to create a dual system precision ginning process:

  1. Improvement in the overall machines and equipment used in the ginning process.  
  2. Several monitoring and sampling tools to customize the ginning not of each module but of each bale.

Cotton is sampled every 15 seconds for color, leaf, trash, and moisture in order to determine which machines to use and which ones to cut off so as not to be too harsh on the cotton.
Each of the components adds about a percentage point to turnout which results in between 200 to 400 pounds of extra lint per 20,000 pound module. 
We feel like we are a part of a team with every one of our farmer clients.  Farmers are in the process of adopting precision farming practices into their own personal farming operations using management skills and newer technology.  So they are pleased that their cotton gin is equally on the same page by staying innovative and adopting systems that enhance profitability.
With locations in Windsor and Franklin - Call today to get a tour of one of our facilities to see first-hand how this system adds revenue to cotton farms in our region.


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