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May 17 77.61 77.97 77.27 77.61 0.27 77.34 11:02A Chart for @CT7K Options for @CT7K
Jul 17 78.59 79.10 78.51 78.87 0.37 78.50 11:02A Chart for @CT7N Options for @CT7N
Oct 17 75.54 75.60 Chart for @CT7V Options for @CT7V
Dec 17 75.00 75.60 75.00 75.45 0.29 75.16 11:02A Chart for @CT7Z Options for @CT7Z
Mar 18 75.19 75.19 74.94 75.02 0.19 74.83 11:02A Chart for @CT8H Options for @CT8H
May 18 75.03 75.03 75.03 75.03 0.26 74.77 11:02A Chart for @CT8K Options for @CT8K
Jul 18 74.70 74.70 74.58 74.58 0.10 74.48 11:02A Chart for @CT8N Options for @CT8N
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May 17 999'2 1002'0 993'4 994'4 -5'2 999'6 11:03A Chart for @S7K Options for @S7K
Jul 17 1009'4 1012'2 1004'0 1004'6 -5'4 1010'2 11:03A Chart for @S7N Options for @S7N
Aug 17 1013'2 1014'2 1006'2 1006'2 -6'0 1012'2 11:03A Chart for @S7Q Options for @S7Q
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May 17 421'4 424'6 420'0 421'6 -0'4 422'2 11:03A Chart for @W7K Options for @W7K
Jul 17 436'4 439'6 435'2 436'6 -0'6 437'4 11:03A Chart for @W7N Options for @W7N
Sep 17 452'2 455'6 451'4 452'2 -1'2 453'4 11:03A Chart for @W7U Options for @W7U
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May 17 358'4 359'6 357'2 357'6 -1'0 358'6 11:03A Chart for @C7K Options for @C7K
Jul 17 366'2 367'2 365'0 365'2 -1'2 366'4 11:03A Chart for @C7N Options for @C7N
Sep 17 373'6 374'6 372'4 372'6 -1'2 374'0 11:03A Chart for @C7U Options for @C7U
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Johnny's Blog
March Sadness
Certainly my interest in The famous Basketball tournament started at only about 10% sense my team did not show up this year, but who would have predicted that 8 of 9 teams from the ACC would have been eliminated in the first weekend.  The great tournament was reduced to room noise already; and now with only Carolina left…, well let’s just say my boat is going to look cleaner and shinier than it has in years now that I have so much time on my hands.  #GoBoilermakers. 
         Perhaps the real March Madness for me has been the cotton market as it has gotten to a higher level we have not seen in 3 years.  Two weeks ago, we were seeing some hints from the experts at even greener pastures.  Now today, I read the GURU Blogs that talk about the market and they seem a little more…, let’s just say they are talking about both sides of the coin a little more.  I joke a little about it, when in fact, we are getting some good advice from these folks as they try to sort through the situations that exist in front of us.  They have different advice, and that is good, because I remember some saying they came up with about what happens when everybody gets on the same side of the boat.  In factuality, I have observed some really good marketing skills from the folks I get to work with and the one thing the top third of them seem to do is remain consistent in their plans, not overacting or under reacting to what happened last year or what the most current news blurb is.  Enough of that.

Back to production… we are about 5 weeks from the first thoughts of planting.  The high priority for cotton up to now has been lime.  In another week or so, we are going to have to begin burndown with 2,4/D or Dicamba for fields that are not matched up with the appropriate variety/auxin type herbicide resulting in the need for the usual 3 or 4 week waiting period.  Cotton that will not be planted until Mid-May still has a month before burndown becomes necessary.  Keep in mind that the new Enlist and Extend varieties remove waiting periods prior to burndown for 2,4-D & Dicamba respectively.  Some good weather for burndown is expected next week based on temperatures.

DISCLAIMER: The data contained herein is for informational, conversational, and philosophical thinking and is for general purposes only. Ideas expressed apply to the Upper Southeast growing region. Although the information was obtained from various sources, which we believe to be reliable, we do not in any way guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Comments are influenced by past experiences, personal bias and hypothetical speculation by the writer and are not always accurate predictors of future events. Specific references to Agricultural Products and Rates are used for examples and do not reflect specific endorsement or recommendations for use. Always read and follow all label directions and precautions for use. We disclaim any responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein. FULL DISCLOSURE: There is no compensation received by Johnny to promote any product referenced with in this blog. Johnny is a paid employee of Commonwealth Gin

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Did You Know?

In 1833 hog cholera was first reported in the U.S.

Fact courtesy of the USDA

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