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Production Blog
By Pamela Smith
Sunday, November 26, 2023 5:38AM CST

DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) -- I'm hoping this dog photo works as bait to convince you to grab an opportunity to tell your agricultural story. DTN is searching for new volunteers for the 2024 series called View From the Cab.

The series follows farmers from two different farming regions throughout the growing season on a weekly basis. DTN started the series in 2005, so the coming year marks 20 years of farmers giving readers a more personal look at what it takes to farm and explores other aspects of rural life.

This year the series went to southeastern North Dakota, where Chandra and Mike Langseth farm near Barney, and northwestern Missouri where Zachary Grossman farms near Tina.

So often we hear the complaint that the real life of what it takes to farm isn't told. This feature bridges the gap between news and everyday life. It allows us to explore the geography of the area and touch on topics in-depth.

Drought and its uncertainty have been top of mind in 2023. As operators in the beginning stages of their farming careers, both sets of farmers brought unique perspective to the challenge.

"Doing this project caused me to look at what we do each day more broadly," said Chandra. "So often, we get caught up in the day-to-day. Since I knew you'd be calling each week, I started thinking bigger picture about what we do and what it means."

Grossman enjoyed reading View From the Cab columns during the past few years. It's a chance to learn what it is like to farm elsewhere and see what others are facing, he noted. "Last year I saw the call for volunteers, and I thought 'Why not me?' Honestly, I'm not ready for it to be over. It's been interesting to talk about what is happening and I've learned things from the Langseths that I might not have thought about," said Grossman.

This year, the Langseths and Grossman also participated in DTN webinars and podcasts. And, they had the opportunity to pull soil samples to be analyzed for SCN HG type testing. (Read more about that here: https://www.dtnpf.com/….) Many past View From the Cab farmers continue to serve as valued advisors for articles and other DTN projects.

View From the Cab farmer participants are volunteers. A DTN editor is assigned to communicate with the farmers each week and write the article. While the time commitment is not intense, it does require a dedication to the project and availability to answer questions.

Do you have a story to tell? Simply email a note to pamela.smith@dtn.com saying why you want to be a View From the Cab contributor and a bit about your farm. Include your contact information.

Here are a few favorite columns from this year:






Previous View From the Cab farmers include:

2023: Zachary Grossman, Tina, Missouri; Chandra and Mike Langseth, Barney, North Dakota

2022: Mark Arnusch, Keenesburg, Colorado; Luke Garrabrant, Johnstown, Ohio

2021: Kellie Blair, Dayton, Iowa; Ryan Wieck, Umbarger, Texas

2020: Ryan Jenkins, Jay, Florida; Reid Thompson, Colfax, Illinois

2019: Ashley Andersen, Blair, Nebraska; Scott Wallis, Princeton, Indiana

2018: Kyle Krier, Claflin, Kansas; Genny Haun, Kenton, Ohio

2017: Zack Rendel, Miami, Oklahoma; Brent and Lisa Judisch, Cedar Falls, Iowa

2016: Chase Brown, Warrensburg, Illinois; Jim Hoover, Newport, Pennsylvania

2015: Lane Robinson, Cromwell, Indiana; Leon Kriesel, Gurley, Nebraska

2014: Karen and Bill Johnson, Avoca, Iowa; Jamie Harris, Madison, Florida

2013: William "Shep" Sheppard, Louisiana, Missouri; Kane Bercaw, Union City, Michigan

2012: Katie Sanger Hancock, Water Valley, Kentucky; Ryan Brodersen, Randolph, Nebraska

2011: Tom Tibbits, Minneapolis, Kansas; David Brandt, Carroll, Ohio

2010: Becton Bell, Wilson, Arkansas; Frank Zweber, Hoven, South Dakota

2009: Marcus Hess, Bushnell, Illinois; Matt Wolle, St. James, Minnesota

2008: Dan Pedersen, Underwood, Iowa; Brad Lindstrom, Varna, Illinois

2007: Matt Rush, Fairfield, Illinois; Jason Heijl, Abbott, Texas

2006: Bob Worth, Lake Benton, Minnesota; Keith Miller, Great Bend, Kansas

2005: Richard Oswald, Langdon, Missouri; Mark Rasumssen, Hoagland, Montana.

Pamela Smith can be reached at pamela.smith@dtn.com

Follow her on X, formerly known as Twitter, @PamSmithDTN

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