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Local Planting Forecast

Cotton Planting Condtions for Franklin, VA
Last Updated 5-20-2019 @ 6:38 am. 

 Date Day Temperatures Rain Planting
5-20 Mon 91   Excellent
5-21 & 22 Tues & Wed 57-75   Excellent
5-22 to 25 Thu to Sat 60's-upper 80's   Excellent

Mostly Above normal temperatures.  Fast Emergence and rapid developement
Rain and Moisture:
Dry conditions expected for next 7 days
Planting Depth if dry:
If good moisture is deep, you can go over an inch with no rainfall chances.  However if moisture at an 1.5" is marginal, then it would be better to plant shallow in dry dirt or delay planting til rain.

Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jul 19 68.00 68.10 67.91 68.06 0.15 67.91 11:34P Chart for @CT9N Options for @CT9N
Oct 19 66.99 67.58 Chart for @CT9V Options for @CT9V
Dec 19 67.60 67.77 67.52 67.72 0.07 67.65 11:34P Chart for @CT9Z Options for @CT9Z
Mar 20 68.42 68.49 68.42 68.49 0.01 68.48 11:14P Chart for @CT0H Options for @CT0H
May 20 69.20 69.25 Chart for @CT0K Options for @CT0K
Jul 20 69.70 69.77 Chart for @CT0N Options for @CT0N
Oct 20 69.26 0.88 69.26s 01:23P Chart for @CT0V Options for @CT0V
Dec 20 67.55 67.54 Chart for @CT0Z Options for @CT0Z
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jul 19 842'6 842'6 835'6 836'0 4'2 831'6 11:36P Chart for @S9N Options for @S9N
Aug 19 849'4 849'4 842'2 842'2 3'6 838'4 11:36P Chart for @S9Q Options for @S9Q
Sep 19 855'4 855'4 849'2 849'2 4'2 845'0 11:36P Chart for @S9U Options for @S9U
Nov 19 868'6 868'6 861'6 862'0 4'2 857'6 11:36P Chart for @S9X Options for @S9X
Jan 20 879'4 880'0 873'4 873'4 3'6 869'6 11:36P Chart for @S0F Options for @S0F
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jul 19 486'2 488'0 483'0 484'4 6'2 478'2 11:36P Chart for @W9N Options for @W9N
Sep 19 493'4 493'4 489'4 491'2 6'0 485'2 11:36P Chart for @W9U Options for @W9U
Dec 19 505'6 506'2 502'2 503'6 6'0 497'6 11:36P Chart for @W9Z Options for @W9Z
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jul 19 393'2 394'0 392'6 394'0 5'0 389'0 11:36P Chart for @C9N Options for @C9N
Sep 19 400'0 401'4 399'4 401'0 4'2 396'6 11:36P Chart for @C9U Options for @C9U
Dec 19 407'0 409'0 407'0 408'6 4'2 404'4 11:36P Chart for @C9Z Options for @C9Z
Mar 20 416'0 418'0 415'6 417'6 3'4 414'2 11:36P Chart for @C0H Options for @C0H
May 20 421'0 422'0 420'6 422'0 3'2 418'6 11:34P Chart for @C0K Options for @C0K
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Symbol Open High Low Last Change Close Time More

Johnny's Blog
Hot Weather and Low Humidity. Everything is moving fast.  
Unprecedented hot weather will define the second half of May with plenty of 90-degree days.  The only difference between this weather and July will be that the nighttime will still drop into the upper 60’s and humidity will be relatively low.  The primary chores are to finish planting as soil moisture will be quickly drying out, particularly in the southern part of the region.  The thrips are present and cotton is getting to the first true leaf spray stage in about 2 weeks after planting on the early planted cotton.  Cotton that gets planted during the next week or so will put on a true leaf in less than 10 days.  Weed germination is going to be fast too so I think the take home message is that this heat will drive everything to happen much quicker than we are used to.  At least these jobs are not new, but what is changing is how we are managing weeds.  I believe it is critical to scout the fields before spraying to see if any ragweed or palmer are up.  And if they are, this first spray needs to have either Liberty or one of the auxin herbicides.  The old way of Roundup plus Orthene is only an option in fields with no emerged resistant weeds.  Performance of preemergence herbicides has been good for everything sprayed prior to Mother’s Day, but that will change with this dry pattern now for the last round of planting.  Here are a couple of points:
  • Liberty needs to be sprayed with good sunshine.  Do not spray very early in the morning or in late afternoon.
  • Liberty plus Orthene is safe to all Enlist, Stoneville, and Xtend varieties.  It does not have any higher scorch risk than Roundup plus Orthene.
  • PHY333 is the only variety that is sensitive to Liberty.  Wait for 2 big true leaves before spraying Liberty on 333.  Do not add anything else to Liberty on 333.
  • Orthene at 6 to 8 ounces is death to tobacco thrips which is our main target.  We have not documented resistance in Virginia, but you never know.  Also, Western flower thrips are tolerant of Orthene, and were a problem about 15 years ago when it was dry and hot.  I haven't picked up any troubles so far, but If you find severe thrips damage, get samples to the research station so we can figure out what is going on.  Adults will get back on cotton after spraying so focus on damage and juveniles, and less on adults. 
  • Scorch Risk is medium it will be hot, but the lower humidity and developing dryness will keep it from being a high risk.  Reduce risk further by waiting till after 10:30 or 11 am.  Lowest scorch risk looks like Tuesday and Wednesday if you have some 333 to spray.
 DISCLAIMER: The data contained herein is for informational, conversational, and philosophical thinking and is for general purposes only. Ideas expressed apply to the Upper Southeast growing region. Although the information was obtained from various sources, which we believe to be reliable, we do not in any way guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Comments are influenced by past experiences, personal bias and hypothetical speculation by the writer and are not always accurate predictors of future events. Specific references to Agricultural Products and Rates are used for examples and do not reflect specific endorsement or recommendations for use. Always read and follow all label directions and precautions for use. We disclaim any responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein. FULL DISCLOSURE: There is no compensation received by Johnny to promote any product referenced with in this blog. Johnny is a paid employee of Commonwealth Gin

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Did You Know?

In 1947 Congress authorized a cooperative project with Mexico to eradicate foot-and-mouth disease there

Fact courtesy of the USDA

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High: 78°F
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Temp: 70oF Feels Like: 71oF
Humid: 100% Dew Pt: 70oF
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As reported at SUFFOLK, VA at 12:00 AM
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  • SOYBEANS (Jan 20) 873'4 3'6 5/20/19   11:05 PM CST
  • WHEAT (Jul 19) 484'4 6'2 5/20/19   11:34 PM CST
  • WHEAT (Sep 19) 491'2 6'0 5/20/19   11:34 PM CST
  • WHEAT (Dec 19) 503'6 6'0 5/20/19   11:34 PM CST
  • CORN (Jul 19) 394'0 5'0 5/20/19   11:35 PM CST
  • CORN (Sep 19) 401'0 4'2 5/20/19   11:33 PM CST
  • CORN (Dec 19) 408'6 4'2 5/20/19   11:34 PM CST
  • CORN (Mar 20) 417'6 3'4 5/20/19   11:34 PM CST
  • CORN (May 20) 422'0 3'2 5/20/19   11:30 PM CST

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