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Defoliation Forecast
Expected Conditions for Defoliation at Franklin Virginia
10-1-2014 - The best defoliation of the week will be Tuesday through Thursday.  No rainfall is expected for the next 2 days.  Warm temperatures until the weekend will be followed by a cool spell.  Next Tuesday warmer conditions are expected to usher in the next good defoliation window.  Finish spraying anything you are going to spray this week by Thursday then wait until next week. 
Date hi/low temp Conditions forecast
Wed 79/60 sunny very good
Thu 78/60 partly sunny good
Fri 81/66 light rain evening fair
Sat 70/46 morning light rain rain
Sun 67/48 sunny and cool wait

Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Oct 14 63.60 0.80 62.76s 01:22P Chart for @CT4V Options for @CT4V
Dec 14 61.37 62.33 61.15 62.25 0.79 62.16s 01:22P Chart for @CT4Z Options for @CT4Z
Mar 15 60.50 61.05 60.20 60.98 0.54 60.99s 01:22P Chart for @CT5H Options for @CT5H
May 15 61.25 61.84 61.00 61.74 0.57 61.82s 01:22P Chart for @CT5K Options for @CT5K
Jul 15 61.75 62.51 61.75 62.51 0.52 62.52s 01:22P Chart for @CT5N Options for @CT5N
Oct 15 62.01 0.52 63.27s 01:22P Chart for @CT5V Options for @CT5V
Dec 15 63.49 64.00 63.47 64.00 0.35 64.01s 01:22P Chart for @CT5Z Options for @CT5Z
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Nov 14 911'0 919'6 904'0 917'4 3'4 916'6s 05:02P Chart for @S4X Options for @S4X
Jan 15 919'0 928'0 912'2 925'4 3'6 925'0s 04:48P Chart for @S5F Options for @S5F
Mar 15 927'0 936'6 920'6 934'4 4'0 933'6s 03:44P Chart for @S5H Options for @S5H
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 14 476'6 484'0 469'4 478'6 1'2 479'0s 05:02P Chart for @W4Z Options for @W4Z
Mar 15 490'2 497'4 483'0 492'0 1'6 492'2s 05:02P Chart for @W5H Options for @W5H
May 15 499'0 506'2 492'0 501'0 2'4 501'2s 03:12P Chart for @W5K Options for @W5K
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 14 320'2 323'4 318'2 321'4 0'4 321'2s 05:02P Chart for @C4Z Options for @C4Z
Mar 15 332'4 336'0 330'4 333'6 0'4 334'0s 05:02P Chart for @C5H Options for @C5H
May 15 341'0 344'6 339'2 343'0 0'6 342'6s 04:45P Chart for @C5K Options for @C5K
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Symbol Open High Low Last Change Close Time More

Johnny's Blog
Recipe Evaluation
Warm weather has allowed very good results from all recipes.  Finish with a little bit of Def or Folex has been a benchmark with extremely good results at high Finish rates.  In addition High rates of Prep or Ethephon and high rates of Dropp have allowed us to cut the Def or Folex in half compared to the traditional three way that used as much as a pint of Folex/Def.  With temperatures over 80 degrees Dropp is very good at removing mature leaves in addition to preventing regrowth so does a good job at allowing lower Def/Folex rates.  The problem with the old three way is that in warm conditions, that much Def/Folex will stick leaves.  When we get back to milder temperatures or cold nights, we are going to have to move to higher Folex/Def rates and less Dropp.  Herbicides like Aim, Resource, ET, and Display have also done a satisfactory job with reduced rates and high Dropp rates in these warm temperatures.  Like Def, these herbicides have a higher potential for sticking leaves and maybe a little bit more when mixing oil with the spray which is what the labels suggest on some of the products.  Oil will cause more leaf stick in hot conditions but improves leaf removal in cooler or milder conditions.

October Changes Mindset
The way we make decisions about cotton defoliation seems to change once October arrives, at least for me.  Of course when cotton reaches 4 nodes above cracked bolls or either the top bolls have a nice tan to brown seed coat around the seed when you cut into it, then you know it is mature and ready for defoliation.  When fields are uniform, it is a pretty easy decision to make based on this simple guideline.  However most of our fields have some variability.  During September, if the green spots in these variable fields have 6 nodes above cracked boll, then I tend to want to wait a week to defoliate them to allow them to mature.  However, once October arrives, I would rather go ahead and take advantage of a pretty stretch of weather to defoliate a borderline field like this.  Most of our fields that were planted from May 5 through 9th have reached this stage unless they are in old pasture land or in a rank situation from too much nitrogen.  Cotton with 8 nodes above cracked boll should still be allowed to gain more maturity into next week which promises more pretty defoliating weather.

DISCLAIMER: The data contained herein is for informational, conversational, and philosophical thinking and is for general purposes only. Ideas expressed apply to the Upper Southeast growing region. Although the information was obtained from various sources, which we believe to be reliable, we do not in any way guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Comments are influenced by past experiences, personal bias and hypothetical speculation by the writer and are not always accurate predictors of future events. Specific references to Agricultural Products and Rates are used for examples and do not reflect specific endorsement or recommendations for use. Always read and follow all label directions and precautions for use. We disclaim any responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein. FULL DISCLOSURE: There is no compensation received by Johnny to promote any product referenced with in this blog. Johnny is a paid employee of Commonwealth Gin

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Did You Know?

In 1902 the USDA began breeding plants for disease resistance

Fact courtesy of the USDA

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  • CORN (Dec 14) 321'4 0'4 10/1/14   1:30 PM CST
  • CORN (Mar 15) 333'6 0'4 10/1/14   1:30 PM CST
  • CORN (May 15) 343'0 0'6 10/1/14   1:30 PM CST

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